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Queens New York is the major and the most important thoroughfare of the New York City. It is the most eastern and the one of the largest area among the five regions of New York.

Geographical Position:

Stating the facts geographically, this area is adjacent to the area of Brooklyn that goes to the end of the southwestern Long Island further to the Nassau County on the east of the Long Island. The Queens area of the New York City, share the area of water border of Manhattan and Bronx.

Queens was established in 1683 and it stands in a known position among the 12 original counties of the New York City.

Streets of Queens:

The layout of the Queens in the New York City is in a semi-grid format. The names of the streets are in a numerical system very similar to the Manhattan’s. The alignment of the street grids is incompatible. Due to this reason, the usual and easy looking paths often get mixed up due to the alignment and numerical street names.

Driving lessons in Queens, NY:

Learning driving is one of the biggest desires of every person. Taking driving lessons in the street of Queens, NY is a big deal to accomplish by the learners. It becomes a little bit challenging when you face the incompatible streets and roads of the Queens borough.

Here are some of the driving schools in Ozone Park NY;

·       Access 2 Drive LLc Driving School

·       The ABS school of Driving

·       Ranks Driving school, INC.

·       The Shore Driving School.

·       The Trama’s auto school, INC


Here are some driving schools of Jamaica estate NY;

·       The Access 2 Drive LLc.

·       Totally cool driving school.

·       Ena’s driving school, INC.

·       Robert driving school.

·       Pyram driving school, INC.

·       The Carolina driving school.


These were some of the important and known driving schools located in the Queens NY streets. The instructors and teachers of these schools are professionals and are much experienced about teaching driving lessons.

The residents of the Queens New York streets are much more concerned about their driving skill than any other locality residents. People get to know so much about some driving skills when they try to learn driving in the Queens Street New York.

The instructors and teachers as well are very much responsible about their job. They take their job with full professionalism so that they can teach the drivers of tomorrow. These institutes provide their best driving services to the residents of the Queens County. These driving institutes in the Queens County hold an authorized license issued by the permit of US government. 

These driving institutes make it easy to drive safely on the roads of Queens street of New York City. The instructors and teachers make sure that;

·       To Teach their student and prepare them effectively for the first driving test.

·       Flexible time schedule by which the student can also feel the ease.

·       Responsible and high qualification-based learning for the student of driving.

·       To train the best and responsible drivers of the coming tomorrow for the roads of Queens County, New York.

If the driving classes are taken with full attention on the Queens Street, it becomes easy for a person to tackle the problem while driving on the street roads. Being safe and to drive accurate is the top most priority of every person. The Queens Street of the New York City can be a real challenge for a driver, just due to its tricky and discordant routes.