Blue Flower

Recently, I got into a serious argument with my friend.

He loves smoking and driving at the same time. He mostly does this late nights.

So last night, he was driving and smoking.

I, in the other car and driving too, shouted at him:

“Don’t smoke and drive dude.”

He was like “what the f***? Smoking and driving don’t lead to accidents.”

I said “who told you that?”

“You must be silly.”

Okay, so he asked “backed up your points with facts.”

So I turned to the search engine.

Here’s a snippet of what I found:

“…according to a recent Gallup poll.

About 70 percent of people polled said that people who drive while impaired by marijuana are "not much of a problem" or only a "somewhat serious problem," whereas just 29 percent said it was a very serious problem.

By contrast, 79 percent of Americans think drivers who are impaired by alcohol are a very serious problem.

Those in the 79 percent group are right about the dangers of alcohol: In 2013, nearly a third of all fatal accidents were caused by alcohol impairment, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

But is it really safe to drive while high on marijuana?

Though marijuana does impair driving abilities, there aren't data that show that it may increase traffic accidents, said Benjamin Hansen, an economist at the University of Oregon in Eugene and at the National Bureau of Economic Research, who has studied marijuana legalization in relation to driving accidents.”

“Case closed” he said.

People are more concerned about drinking and driving than smoking and driving on the roads.

To me, I believe both are the same and should be emphasized.

Alcoholic drinks impair the brain.

Smoking impairs the brain too.

What’s the difference?

No difference.

A review of 60 studies presented in 1995 at the International Conference on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety found that marijuana impairs all the cognitive abilities needed for safe driving, including tracking, motor coordination, visual function and divided attention.

So why argue?

If drinking can get you killed, so is smoking.

To my surprise, my friend told me that the driving schools where he learned driving only told him not to drink.

But my own instructors emphasized both.

They told me to stay away from drinking and smoking before and when driving.

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