Blue Flower

I hate immaturity.

I think it's a trait many men have in this digital age.

Maturity to me means self-discipline.

If you can't control yourself, mood and behaviors, then you lack maturity.

Become a matured man is very important to advance in life.

First it starts with conquring your fears.

Fears held me back for so many years.

For example, I didn't start learning how to drive until I was about 22. Maybe that's quite early for me and late for many people out there.

But the fact is that I had all the opportunities to start driving. I never took them because of my fears.

Fear is a bad thing.

I learned how to drive from one of the best driving schools in Long Island, and since then I've been driving real hard.

Today, I don't feel any scared driving on the roads. Even the busiest roads.

Driving really made me feel matured.

For example, now I go see my family. This is something I don't do before.

I stay away from families which is very bad.

Now, I no longer have gives excuses. I see everyone.

Keeping your family closed is a good sign that you're matured.

Make efforts to become matured today starting with learning how to drive.