Blue Flower

Honestly, I believe anyone who doesn’t use his/her head to think isn’t human.


Thinking is what makes us move forward.

All the inventions, starting from the lowest to the biggest are a result of thinking.

It’s hard to succeed in life when you’re not thinking.

But there is a place when thinking can be very dangerous.

That is when you’re driving.

I have seen people thinking about their student loan, spouses, jobs and a lot more when driving. That is very very dangerous to your well-being.

Thinking about the good and bad things happening in your life can impair your driving.

When that happens, you can make very silly decisions behind the wheel. being a safe driver take time and years or practice.

You won’t be 100% focused.

Studies show that thinking can make the driver’s mind heavily distracted and that increases the risk of a crash.

You should also ensure that what you are not giving much thoughts to anything you see on the road.

Like seeing someone you’ve seen for a long time and thinking all about it while driving can be very dangerous.

I applaud my instructors at Brooklyn driving school, Access2Drive, for always making their students know that they can not be thinking and driving.

How driving schools handle this situation matters a lot because new drivers are likely to make this mistake.

When you’re new to driving, your heart is pumped up and you keep thinking about so many different things that your mind become totally occupied and you are not paying much attention.

Thinking is dangerous to driving as much as alcohol is. Anything that takes your mind away from driving, or anything that impairs your mind while driving is very deadly.

As a young or old driver, you should ensure that your mind is fully focused on what you’re doing just as your mind is when you’re doing other important things that matter to your life.

Stop putting your life and the life of others on the road at risk. Stop thinking and driving at the same time.