Blue Flower

Our roads are clogged with distracted, drunk, texting people pretending to drive but really just aimlessly pointing their vehicles. You don't have to be one of them.

So how do you develop your driving skills?

Attend A Driving School

Going to a high-performance driver's education day costs you some money, but it will teach you car control in a safe environment, and you'll be learning from someone who is much better than you behind the wheel.

Many of my friends have been to Access2Drive driving school, and they are excellent.

Learn To Drive Manual Shift Cars

Driving a stick shift car  adds another layer of involvement between what you do with your hands and feet, and how you put power to the wheels. It makes you think about how the different parts of the drive line interact with each other, and it gives you more information about what the car is doing.

When you're learning, you feel like you have to pay twice as much attention to everything else on the road. You never think of how people always stop too close to your bumper at stoplights until you're learning to get used to the clutch at a twelve-lane intersection on a slight incline.

Just pretend everyone else on the road is crazy

Even in the rare event when another driver decides to indicate before turning, it's usually in the wrong direction. Assume that everyone has no idea what they're doing, that they will forget to signal, and that they will easily run you off the road. You won't be far from the truth.