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Our roads are clogged with distracted, drunk, texting people pretending to drive but really just aimlessly pointing their vehicles. You don't have to be one of them.

So how do you develop your driving skills?

Attend A Driving School

Going to a high-performance driver's education day costs you some money, but it will teach you car control in a safe environment, and you'll be learning from someone who is much better than you behind the wheel.

Many of my friends have been to Access2Drive driving school, and they are excellent.

Learn To Drive Manual Shift Cars

Driving a stick shift car  adds another layer of involvement between what you do with your hands and feet, and how you put power to the wheels. It makes you think about how the different parts of the drive line interact with each other, and it gives you more information about what the car is doing.

When you're learning, you feel like you have to pay twice as much attention to everything else on the road. You never think of how people always stop too close to your bumper at stoplights until you're learning to get used to the clutch at a twelve-lane intersection on a slight incline.

Just pretend everyone else on the road is crazy

Even in the rare event when another driver decides to indicate before turning, it's usually in the wrong direction. Assume that everyone has no idea what they're doing, that they will forget to signal, and that they will easily run you off the road. You won't be far from the truth.


Some drivers see seat belts as their enemy.

So they don't put it on.

I was very surprised to see a kid bouncing and playing around, and the mother speeding on the road. That's dangerous.

Kids have seat belts and they must use them.

But how can you convince a parent to make their kids use seat belts when those parents see it as their enemy.

Many people tend to forget why we use seat belts in the first place.

Seat belts are designed to retain people in their seats, and so prevent or reduce injuries suffered in a crash. They ensure that as little contact is made between the occupant and vehicle interior as possible and significantly reduce the risk of being thrown from a vehicle.

Without a seat belt, surviving a car crash is nearly impossible because someone may be killed before help comes.

Seat belt is a must as required by the law.

In fact, front seat belts are estimated to have saved tens of thousands of lives in Great Britain.

It saves lives every year. And it can definitely save yours too.

This is one of the first things you learn in a driving lesson:

You must always wear your seat belts.

My driving school did a great job emphasizing this and other necessary driving laws a new driver must know to stay safe on the road.

Now, there is something I must also call your attention to:

Don't wear damaged seat belts. This is very important.

Wearing damaged seat belts is almost the same as wearing no seat belts. Therefore, replace a damaged seat belt immediately. I would not recommend repairing it because it may not be 100% good after repair.

Even pregnant women are required by law to wear seat belts.

A slightly small accident could quickly get a pregnant woman killed when she isn't wearing a seat belt. To learn more call a driving school near you.

It's very difficult to maintain a work-life balance when you aren't organized with life.

I learned this the hard way.

Over the past few months, I've been struggling to get anything done.

Planning for the day becomes a core because there's always a lot on my to-do list.

So, I decided to take my life back by keeping balanced everything I do.

I decided to start making a list of the most important things to do.

I made the effort to improve my driving skills at one of the best driving schools in Long Island.

It went really well.

One of the reasons why I've been able to maintain a good work-life balance is that I played to my strengths. It was the best thing to do.

Among my strengths is staying fully awake during the day.

I realized that when it starts getting to late in the day, my mental and physical powers start to diminish. By then it's hard to maintain focus and get things done.

So, I decided that I will be using the most of these times to get work done and nothing else.

Since then, my productivity have improved greatly. And I've started spending those evening time with my family. This is the best decision I've made.

Now I prioritize my time and played to my core strenghts which I've just revealed to you.

I start work 7:00 a.m and my first peak is 9 - 11:00 a.m. I try to relax this time and get more mental strenght.

This could be taking a little walk outside.

I eat lunch at noon, and immediately go back to work. I hit my second peak about 3 - 4:00 p.m.

By 6:00 p.m. the mental strenght diminishes again and I can call it a day.

The ability to work around these peaks have been very powerful for me.

I endeavor you find your peak and down hours. Don't work when your peak is already gone. That makes it very difficult to work.

Honestly, I believe anyone who doesn’t use his/her head to think isn’t human.


Thinking is what makes us move forward.

All the inventions, starting from the lowest to the biggest are a result of thinking.

It’s hard to succeed in life when you’re not thinking.

But there is a place when thinking can be very dangerous.

That is when you’re driving.

I have seen people thinking about their student loan, spouses, jobs and a lot more when driving. That is very very dangerous to your well-being.

Thinking about the good and bad things happening in your life can impair your driving.

When that happens, you can make very silly decisions behind the wheel. being a safe driver take time and years or practice.

You won’t be 100% focused.

Studies show that thinking can make the driver’s mind heavily distracted and that increases the risk of a crash.

You should also ensure that what you are not giving much thoughts to anything you see on the road.

Like seeing someone you’ve seen for a long time and thinking all about it while driving can be very dangerous.

I applaud my instructors at Brooklyn driving school, Access2Drive, for always making their students know that they can not be thinking and driving.

How driving schools handle this situation matters a lot because new drivers are likely to make this mistake.

When you’re new to driving, your heart is pumped up and you keep thinking about so many different things that your mind become totally occupied and you are not paying much attention.

Thinking is dangerous to driving as much as alcohol is. Anything that takes your mind away from driving, or anything that impairs your mind while driving is very deadly.

As a young or old driver, you should ensure that your mind is fully focused on what you’re doing just as your mind is when you’re doing other important things that matter to your life.

Stop putting your life and the life of others on the road at risk. Stop thinking and driving at the same time.



I hate immaturity.

I think it's a trait many men have in this digital age.

Maturity to me means self-discipline.

If you can't control yourself, mood and behaviors, then you lack maturity.

Become a matured man is very important to advance in life.

First it starts with conquring your fears.

Fears held me back for so many years.

For example, I didn't start learning how to drive until I was about 22. Maybe that's quite early for me and late for many people out there.

But the fact is that I had all the opportunities to start driving. I never took them because of my fears.

Fear is a bad thing.

I learned how to drive from one of the best driving schools in Long Island, and since then I've been driving real hard.

Today, I don't feel any scared driving on the roads. Even the busiest roads.

Driving really made me feel matured.

For example, now I go see my family. This is something I don't do before.

I stay away from families which is very bad.

Now, I no longer have gives excuses. I see everyone.

Keeping your family closed is a good sign that you're matured.

Make efforts to become matured today starting with learning how to drive.