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Expensive Diy Shutters Exterior Ideas. It was a quick and relatively cheap process that ended. Measure the width of the window opening, mark on each slat where it will be fastened together.

Hung shutters with hardware Shutters exterior, Wood shutters diy
Hung shutters with hardware Shutters exterior, Wood shutters diy from www.pinterest.fr

Cedar is a great choice for shutters and other exterior projects. It was a quick and relatively cheap process that ended. The cost of your diy shutters will depend largely on the type of wood you choose to use.

4×8—3/4” Finish Plywood, 4×8—1/2” Finish Plywood (X2),.

You hand assemble the pieces we supply to make your very own custom sized interior shutters and exterior shutters. Measure the height and width of your window. Exterior wooden shutters can be decorative and serve a function.

And I Want To Use Real Functional Shutter Hardware.

For braces, the 4″x48″ with a thickness of 1/4″ will make a great choice. Simply drill corresponding holes in the end of the rail and side of the stile and insert a dowel that will connect the two. Once the paint dried, i installed the strap hinges on the back of the shutter.

Build The Frame With 1X2S Wood Slats, Whip Up The Shutters Using 1X6S Wood Planks.

However, they are typically wider and constructed with a vertical. Install them with the best hardware. Adorn your windows with these homemade indoor shutters.

View All Tools & Materials.

With a standard set of saws, a few hours, and a little bit of woodwork, these shutters can soon be adorning your home. I used about 30 per shutter. For our diy cedar board and batten shutters, our cost came to approximately $40.00 per pair.

Drill Two Pocket Holes On Each Side Of The Upper And Lower Frame Board.

Next, you’re going to predrill holes for the wood screws before you attach the cross pieces to the wood shutters. For a classic look, the shutter width should be about half the window width. Lay the three 1″ x 5″ or 1″ x 6″ boards you cut on top of this.

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