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Incredible What Is Shabby Chic Style In Interior Design Ideas. Shabby chic floors are always stripped, stained, varnished or painted boards. 2 7 actions to achieve shabby chic style.

Incredible What Is Shabby Chic Style In Interior Design Ideas
Shabby Chic Interior Design Ideas Our Motivations from ourmotivations.com

1 essential characteristics of shabby chic style. In this design style, the house looks elegant without the extravagant vibe that can be found in many luxurious design styles. The style takes inspiration from antiques and plays with the same antique finish.

The Shabby Chic Style, With Its Vintage And Romantic Air, Is Increasingly Popular Among Interior Designers And Young Couples Who Decide To Buy A House.literally Shabby Means “Unkempt In An Elegant, Refined Way” And Indicates The Vocation Of Giving New Life To Forgotten Objects And Pieces Of Furniture From Another Era.

2 7 actions to achieve shabby chic style. Throw in soft colors, a mix of vintage and new decor, and feminine accents, and a picture begins to emerge. 2.2 #2 choose vintage furniture;

2.1 #1 Go Easy On Colors, Use Neutral Colors;

There’s something comforting yet beautifully curated about shabby chic. The shabby chic furniture in these elaborate houses was vintage because they were passed down from one generation to the next. Therefore, choose furniture and appliances that are soft and feminine in color.

2.4 #4 Floral Accents Background;

Shades of white, gray, pale pink, and faded green all have a place in this interior design style. Shabby chic furniture boasts a touch of rustic and coastal style, so furniture is typically distressed with several painted layers. Kitchen floors are quarry tiled and strewn with rag rugs.

What Is Shabby Chic Interior Design?

The main theme of shabby chic design is to highlight casualness, comfortableness, and elegance. A neutral background is essential for the shabby chic interior design style. Mellow lines, fabrics and especially hues bring a relaxed air and gentle charm.

It Features Vintage Furnishing And Decoration , Focusing On Comfort And Nostalgic Feeling.

Using soft colors to impress feminine. 2.3 #3 farmhouse feel on cushion; The shabby chic interior design does not tend to hide defects as a result of the ruthlessness of time in relation to objects, but on the contrary, it openly demonstrates it.

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